A Mother Looks Like ...

{Image source: Samjhana Moon}
Last week, after I wrote those two posts on motherhood, I had a friend as me what I thought a mother should look like. I thought it was an interesting question, and one I would like to answer fully.

Let's establish one fact: any woman with a functioning uterus, et al., and access to sperm can be a biological mother. For those without working lady parts or sperm, a woman can still become a mother through the miracle of adoption.

Therefore, a mother can be a complete glamazon or can be tattooed, can have extremely large fake breasts or can have a saggy, droopy butt, can wear stilettos and short skirts or can favor Mom jeans and quilted vests. She can hold down a high-powered job or stay at home with the kids. She can volunteer for every charity under the sun or she can lay on the couch blogging and eating chocolates all day *cough cough*.

If the question is what does a typical mom look like, well, that comes down to geographical location, age, and culture. Where I live, moms tend to favor workout clothes and running shoes or twill pants with a polo shirt or fitted t-shirt. In the South, I remember them favoring a variety of light-weight clothing with cute shoes and coordinating jewelry (pearls preferred). In Vegas, I hear that the drop-off/pick-up line is littered with double-D breasts, short skirts, and stiletto heels. When we lived in the Midwest, most of the women in my neighborhood wore jeans and t-shirts in the warmer months and thick jackets and boots in the colder months.

That's just the U.S. It's safe to say that in India, the mothers probably wear saris. Middle Eastern mothers probably tend towards, if not a full burqa, a hajib. The Korean community near us is full of tiny women in stretchy pants, sparkly shirts, and bejeweled sandals, so I'm going to assume that South Korean mothers dress in a similar manner. Based on past readings of National Geographic, some African mothers wear nothing but a wrap around the waist, some righteous earrings, and their babies.

The point is, a mother can look like almost anything. She can be almost anyone. There really is no right way or wrong way to dress or present oneself, as long as it's keeping in the the culture and is age-appropriate. Which is subjective. So, moms, use your best judgment when going to the playground, but don't let anyone give you sh*t.

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