The Good Parts of Motherhood

{© Julie Wojszynski 2008}
After yesterday's controversial truthful post, I thought that I'd do a 180 and tell you the good parts of motherhood. Because, even though being a parent can suck sometimes, it's not all bad.

And no, I'm not lying.

1. That moment when the doctor hands you your baby. Nothing can compare to it. Nothing. You're exhausted, sweaty, either numb or in pain (or both), scared, nervous ... basically, a ball of emotions, and then they hand you a little warm ball of infant. It's powerful.

2. Snuggling with your kid. It doesn't really matter the age, although I do prefer infancy because of the feeling of baby hair. It's fine and pure and fuzzy, and it tickles your nose and you inhale that amazing baby smell.

3. Watching your child learn something new. It can be rolling over, walking, tackling a hard math problem, overcoming stage fright, anything. Seeing them learn something new, especially if you're the one that taught it to them, inspires a sense of pride that I hadn't experienced until I had children.

4. Being able to play on the playground without looking like a pedophile. I love swings. I always have (at least as far as I can remember), and I remember the first time I realized I was too old for the playground. It was heartbreaking, to say the least, and I couldn't wait to have kids so that I could swing without looking like a predator. Granted, it still helps if the playground is mostly deserted, but you can get away with using an empty swing as long as you have kids.

5. Having an excuse for leaving early/arriving late/not showing up. Not gonna lie to you, I sometimes use my kids as an excuse to not do things that I don't want to do. "So sorry, {child} has to take a nap." Most times, it's a true statement, but we can change it if we really want to. Of course, we reap what we sow, so if we don't feel like sowing a cranky-ass kid, we will let them sleep. Fair warning.

6. Becoming a grandmother. I haven't experienced this first-hand (and I won't for the next 20-30 years, if my kids know what's good for them), but I hear it's awesome. You get all of the benefits of having kids, but when they start acting like buttholes, you get to hand them back. Your own children turn to you for advice in ways that they never have before, thus making you an expert, and they actually heed that advice. You get to buy all of the fun stuff (cutesy shopping buggy liners and frilly dresses) and little to none of the boring stuff (diapers and butt paste), and you can actually afford it (in theory). You see your lineage continued and know that you've done your job: raise productive members of society that, in turn, will raise productive members of society.

These parts are worth the BS.


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