Felt Rosette Wreath

Thanks to Pinterest, I've recently been swirling in a vortex of awesome DIY ideas and projects. This isn't a bad thing--I rather enjoy having references to how to do things to beautify my home--but the end result is that I now have a to-do list a mile long and I've started reading some A-MAAAHHHH-ZING new blogs. One of those blogs is Pretty Handy Girl.

Brittany, aka Pretty Handy Girl, writes about all kinds of projects, from remaking clothing to remaking your bathroom. Her tutorials are helpful and clever, not to mention inspiring!

One of the first posts I read was on upcycling an old Goodwill sweater into a stylish cardigan, via Grosgrain Fabulous (another fav of mine!). In that post, she had a tiiiinnnnyyy little link to how to make felted wool roses, which had a picture of a felted wool rose wreath from Decorating Addiction. I thought it was beautiful, so I set out to make my own.

Tools and Supplies
  • At least 30 pieces of felt in varying colors (I used the 60-30-10 rule to pick mine)
  • 10" Styrofoam wreath
  • Needle, thread, and scissors
  • Hot glue and hot glue gun (although I suppose Elmer's glue would work)
  • About 6' of 2"-wide satin ribbon
I didn't have any sweaters that I particularly wanted to shrink and ruin (at least, not since the Great Closet Purge of 2011), so I decided to substitute with a shedload of felt from Joann.

I began by cutting each piece of felt into six squares and then trimming those down to circles. You do not have to be precise.

{Circle of Life Felt}

Then, cut a swirl into the felt.

Starting from the tapered end, roll the felt along the inside curve to create a rosette. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of this one (I lost my light), but you can see how it's done at Pretty Handy Girl. While you're there, check out how to sew the roses.

Back? Good. Now repeat this step 179 times.

I know. It took me forever too.

Once you have an arsenal of felt roses, start hot gluing them to your 10" Styrofoam wreath. Alternatively (and DAMN, did I wish that I had thought of/read this BEFORE starting this project), get a length of foam tubing from your local home repair store, cut it to length, and duct tape the ends. Use that instead of the Styrofoam as your base.

At your chosen apex (I picked the seam where the Styrofoam met), tie a length of ribbon and double-knot. Continue gluing rosettes around the wreath until the entire (yes, ENTIRE) thing is covered and no part of the core is visible.

Tie a pretty bow and cut the ends of the ribbons into points. If desired, position the tails of the ribbons into artful drapes and hold in place with a dot of glue.

{See how the tails fold over themselves? Hot glue, baby.}

As a finishing touch, you can also add a ribbon for hanging on the wall. (I did, because I had to). Cut a length of ribbon and fold in half. Place on a table with the tails towards you, then place the wreath on top of the ribbon. Grab the right tail and pull up through the center of the wreath. Snake through the loop of the right glued tail and run alongside the knot of the bow. Repeat on the left side.

Thread the tails of the ribbon through the fold, making sure that this loop is BEHIND your pretty, painstakingly-tied bow. Pull taut and double-knot the ends. VOILA! Your wreath is ready for hanging.

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