Oh, The Things That I've Done!

Yesterday, I got sucked into the swirling vortex that is Before I Die. It's a great idea--it's simply a collection of things that people want to do superimposed on pictures of said things. They're cute, and I applaud the person that came up with this idea.

Yesterday, I reviewed the list for things that I wanted to do. Out of over 2000 goals, I only picked out 30.


What I found was that I've accomplished a lot of the tasks on the master list. So today, I spent over two hours picking things out that I've already done.

Some of them are by nature of my age. For example, if I didn't have my license by now, we would have issues.

Others are by nature of being married. For example, I've been engaged, I danced with my dad at my wedding, and I married the love of my life.

Still others can be attributed to the fact that I lived in England for two years, including going to London, riding the London Eye, and seeing Stonehenge.

Some of this stuff, though, is truly cool. I've flown an airplane. I've climbed a volcano. I've visited the Winter Palace. I've even sheared a sheep!

As much as I still want to do with my life, it's nice to reflect back on the things that I've already done. I've had the opportunity to go to and live in a lot of different places, and I've seen a great deal of Europe and North America. There's always more to see and do, of course, but it'll come, with time. I've lived a full life so far; it makes me happy.

What's on your list? And what are some of the things that you've already accomplished?

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