Christmas in Hawaii: Day Three

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Day Three of our Island Adventure was Christmas Day, and it turned out to be a VERY busy one. We started, of course, with presents.

See all of the stuffed animals? I don't think the baby got anything that could cause damage this year, due to her reputation as being THE DESTROYER.

I got a lovely present that made me cry.

If you can't see that, it says "Words Mean Things." Matt filled the organizer with coupons for things like "I'll do the dishes" or "You can leave for a weekend (but please come back)."*

The little ones got a kick-ass present from my parents: gymnastics lessons! And leotards!

The baby also got bubbles ... which is the BEST present to give an 18-month-old. With sisters. Who enjoyed them more than she did.

But, you know, she still conferred her pleasure upon us.

After Christmas Mass, we grabbed food for a picnic lunch and took it down to Coconut Island, one of my favorite places in Hawaii.

{ Petra, peering into her steamed bun with kau yuk }

{ Malia, with pork and taro juices on her face }

{ Ana, running on the island }

{ Matt, perpetually on his cell phone. Also, aglow. }

{ Family, Coconut Island, Christmas Day 2011 }
Funny story about this last picture: We were standing there, looking out at the awesomeness of the Pacific. All of us had drifted away from the wall, except Malia. Out of nowhere, this HUGE wave crashed against the retaining wall and crashed over her. She stood there for a moment, shocked, then burst into tears. A very kind gentleman lent her a towel to dry off; he also reassured her that she is now a Child of Hawaii, having been Baptized by the ocean. She didn't feel better, but I did.

After Coconut Island, it was on to 'Akaka Falls. This is another one of my favorite places on the Big Island, a place that I've visited too many times to count. My family had never seen it, however, so I had to show it to them.

See the baby? Since Matt has no sunglasses to grab, she had to settle for his ears.

{ Red Ginger, 'Akaka Falls State Park }
{ A random copse of bamboo. Just for fun, yo }
After our tiring day, we headed to my grandmother's house for food good and good company with family, friends, and neighbors. I wish I had pictures of the spread that she put out, because it was SO 'ONO (extra tasty)!

*These are paraphrased

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful family vacation :) I think the only way Christmas could be better is if the temps were in the mid to upper 70s, so the Hawaiians are definitely doing it right!

  2. DUDE ... it was awesome. Although, I won't lie, it was in the 50s where we were staying. Our lodging was at I think 4000-foot elevation, so ... rainy and cold. But delightful!


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