Christmas in Hawaii: Days One and Two

For Christmas this past year, we took a family vacation to Hawaii.

I know what you're thinking: you lucky bitches! You're right, we ARE lucky bitches. The trip was amazing. I've been waiting for some of the pictures so that I could properly capture the essence of the trip; I still don't have all of them, but I can update if need be.

The trip started off VERY early in the morning, as we had a butt-crack-o-clock flight from our local airport.

Actually, let's not talk about the flight. We had two legs, they were long, the kids were well (enough) behaved. Personally, I was expecting to have to walk around with my toddler to keep her from screaming; she ended up sleeping for all but two hours of the trip and was happy with a bag of Oreos.

When we landed in Honolulu, one of the first things that we had to do was give the baby a manapua, a steamed bun filled with marinated meat. It's a staple snack in Hawaii, and we were curious to see how she would react.

Isn't that a look of utter contentment? I think she looks a little high. HIGH ON THE DELICIOUSNESS OF MANAPUA.

Because we were staying in Volcano National Park, we were able to take early morning hikes around Halemaumau, the active caldera on Kilauea.

You may not be able to see it, but the baby is totally jacking with Matt's sunglasses. She does this EVERY TIME she sits on his shoulders. It's amusing to me, mostly because Matt just takes it.

We spent our first full day there not doing a whole lot, mostly because we were exhausted. But we did do a lot of sitting on the porch.

A lovely start to the trip, yes?

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