Christmas in Hawaii: the Rest

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The rest of the time in Hawaii was split between swimming in Waikiki Bay with the kids, eating at fabulous restaurants, and being resort bitches. Oftentimes, we would wake up, meander downstairs in our swimsuits for a coffee and a croissant, then head over to the beach to play for an hour or so. When the kids were sleepy/cranky enough, we would head back to the hotel for lunch at the bar. After lunch we put the kids down for naps.

After naptime, we generally would head back down to the pool and swim for a little bit.

Happy hour started at 3pm, so we would order things like Kahlua Pig Nachos and Lava Flows and charge them to the room. We liked to drink until we were done (whatever that meant to the individual, drunkenness or the end of happy hour), then we would go back to our rooms, shower, and dress for dinner.

Dinner over these last few nights were the Elks Club in Honolulu and the smattering of hotel restaurants in the immediate area. There was dancing, drinking, laughter, strolling along the water, watching the fireworks, and general merriment. We got our Zippy's on New Year's Eve (!) along with a guava chiffon cake (!!) and ended the trip with New Year's Day Mass at St. Augustine by-the-Sea. It was glorious.

We didn't want to leave. Why would you? We spent nearly two weeks completely removed from reality. To do that here, I have to drink wine. And a lot of it.

Clearly, we had to go home. Clearly, we're here. Clearly, Real Life has set in, and we're counting down the days to our next vacation. In the autumn. If we're lucky.


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  1. This trip sounds AWESOME! Reminds me of so many of the amazing things we did when we went to Hawaii in high school. I guess I am one lucky bitch too for having such an awesome friend who would invite me on a once in a lifetime trip, eh? PS- I still dream about that chinese food on a regular basis...


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