Top Ten Funniest Shows on TV RIGHT NOW*

I can't lie to you, I'm a little tapped out for post ideas this week. Don't judge me - I've been traveling the world and penning a life-changing novel. (*cough* note the BIG FAT LIES *cough*) As a total cop out, I give you my favorite comedies currently running on television.

10. Suburgatory
{ Image Source: ABC.com }

9. Psych
{ Image Source: TVline.com }
8. How I Met Your Mother
{Image Source: SheKnows.com }

7. Modern Family
{ Image Source: SpoilerTV }

6. New Girl
{ Image Source: InHer Glam }

5. Hart of Dixie
{ Image source: FanPop }

4. Cougar Town
{ Image source: TV Fanatic }

3. The Big Bang Theory
{ Image Source: FanPop }

2. GCB
{ Image source: Curvy Magazine }

1. Happy Endings
{ Image source: FanPop }
*That I Watch

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