Book and Booze Reviews: The Hump Day Diaries


Mary McCarthy, author of the top-ranked humor blog PajamasandCoffee.com, makes her publishing debut with a bang in The Hump Day Diaries, a collection of titillating reviews of sex toys, erotica, and other adult pleasure products.

McCarthy, a married mother of four, was a sex toy neophyte until Eden Fantasys asked her to review sex toys for them. Since then, she has fucked a duck, cloned a dick, put her ten-year-old Rabbit on deck, and generally dipped all ten toes (and all ten fingers, and her husband's penis) into the adult and erotica industries, all with belly-shaking humor.

Particular stand-out posts from the compilation are "Clone a Willy," "The Slut Paddle," and "Party in Your Panties." Runners-up are "Fuck a Duck," "Mary Had a Little Lamb," "Jersey Whores," and "Great Sex for Moms."

"Clone a Willy" was my favorite post for the mere fact that her husband was a willing participant, complete with (moderately safe for work) pictures. McCarthy leads the reader through the cloning process, from warming the water to a perfect 98 degrees to methods of, um, prepping the model. Although she writes about the product from the standpoint of a humorist, her assessment of the kit makes the reader want to go out and buy one, even if it's just for shits and giggles.

Overall, The Hump Day Diaries was an entertaining read. There were some parts that I felt fell into the category of oversharing, particularly near the end, but if you can blow by the personal and embrace the humorous, you're in for an evening of laughs.

I give it: 3.5 of 5 books (Like stars, but not.)

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Pimm's: You're Doing It Wrong Right

{ Image Source: seriouseats.com via Maeva on Pinterest }

Pimm's is the most amazing alcohol ever. Why didn't I know this?

Tonight, I wanted an alcoholic drink, but we're out of wine AND beer. (Why, I don't know. They're ever-present in our house.) So I went rummaging around in the bar, found the unopened bottle of Pimm's and said to myself, "Hey, why not?"

Why not, indeed. This stuff is amazing. I can't even describe what it tastes like. It just tastes like Pimm's.

I didn't have any ginger ale or lemon-lime soda in the house, so I used tonic water. Not technically a Pimm's Cup, but we'll take it.

Of course, I found out AFTER I mixed my drink that I was supposed to use a tall glass, put in just 1.5 oz, and fill the rest of the glass with the soda. Nope, I went with a short glass, a double shot, and only about a 1:1 ratio of Pimm's to tonic water.

Pimm's. I'm doing it wrong, but it's delicious anyway.

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Thursday 13: New Tweeps!

If you've been following Rhymes With Tao for the last week and a half, then you know that I've been participating in the April Platform Challenge hosted at My Name is Not Bob. Over the course of the challenge (and through some random chances), I've started following some really great writers on Twitter. It's nice to be part of another supportive writing community; when writing isn't a lonely endeavor, it's a discouraging one, and sometimes you just need a little push from your fellow creatives.

Without further ado, some wonderful new people on Twitter:

1. @Kevin__Hanrahan
2. @AnnHovsepian
3. @BethStilborn
4. @EBPike
5. @CharmaineElizab
6. @KAnnWilliamson
7. @Mindbla
8. @crazypoeticlife
9. @MuddyKinzer
10. @artistiCate
11. @bookerluv75
12. @ckswarriorqueen
13. @chriscleave

For more amazing, dedicated writers, see the full list. And don't forget to connect with me on Twitter at @lynndaue.

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A Haiku for You

{ Image source: Valentin Janiaut }
In honor of National Poetry Month, a haiku:

Spring break is over
My children won't stop whining
Is it five o'clock?
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It's Here.

{ Original image: Dru Bloomfield }
It's time.

By the time you read this, I should be home, either a victor or not. (And by victor, I mean I ran the whole 5K without walking.) If I'm a victor, I'll tell you all about it. If I'm not, well, I'll still tell you all about it, and then will sign up for another 5K at the end of the month. And will go back to training.

Either way, we'll be in touch.

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Pithy Quotes for Your Friday Reading Pleasure

My eight-year-old recently told me that she wanted to read The Hunger Games. I told her no because, you know, she's EIGHT. Post-apocalyptic, dystopian fiction is hardly appropriate for a third-grader. But then I thought, A-ha! We can use this as a teaching tool! So we struck a deal.

Before she can read The Hunger Games Trilogy, she needs to finish The Underland Chronicles (also by Suzanne Collins), a book about the Roman Gladiators (she picked The Gladiators from Capua, by Caroline Lawrence), and a piece either by or about Seneca, Caesar, or Claudius.

She picked Seneca. So we researched him.

Lucius Annaeus Seneca, commonly known as Seneca the Younger, was a humorist, dramatist, philosopher, and all-around literary bad-ass. He was forced to commit suicide (hmm, sound familiar? See: Crane, Seneca) for alleged complicity in a plot to assassinate Nero, a man whom he tutored and advised before the Crazy-Pants decided to fiddle while his empire burned.

Seneca also has some fun quotes attributed to him.

Instead of doing things like wash dishes and sweep floors, I made two fun little graphics for your Friday viewing pleasure. I will be pinning these. You may also do so.

Enjoy your fun quotes, and Happy (Good) Friday!

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