Pimm's: You're Doing It Wrong Right

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Pimm's is the most amazing alcohol ever. Why didn't I know this?

Tonight, I wanted an alcoholic drink, but we're out of wine AND beer. (Why, I don't know. They're ever-present in our house.) So I went rummaging around in the bar, found the unopened bottle of Pimm's and said to myself, "Hey, why not?"

Why not, indeed. This stuff is amazing. I can't even describe what it tastes like. It just tastes like Pimm's.

I didn't have any ginger ale or lemon-lime soda in the house, so I used tonic water. Not technically a Pimm's Cup, but we'll take it.

Of course, I found out AFTER I mixed my drink that I was supposed to use a tall glass, put in just 1.5 oz, and fill the rest of the glass with the soda. Nope, I went with a short glass, a double shot, and only about a 1:1 ratio of Pimm's to tonic water.

Pimm's. I'm doing it wrong, but it's delicious anyway.

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