Life, Unscripted

I'm guest blogging at UnscriptedLife.com today about the last year of my twenties. While you'll get a full report here within the next week or so (hey, I have four more days to finish things), go check it out now.

Need some incentive? Here's an excerpt:

I learned a lot about myself and my priorities this year. I confirmed that I don't like running and will therefore not race anytime soon; however, if it's for a charity or something to do with friends, I know now that I can do it. It's probably time to let go of my oboe—as much as I enjoy playing it, playing it well requires a time commitment that I simply cannot make at the present time. Travel is still a passion, and I can't wait to have the freedom to do more of it.

For the rest of the post, go visit Ivy at UnscriptedLife.com.

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