Bookshelf Poetry 003: Haiku Week!

Welcome back to the Bookshelf Poetry Challenge! After a week off for Memorial Day in the U.S., we're back and ready to try adding form to our spine poems.

This week, we'll try a haiku. Since the form is ... well, apparently it isn't definitive, try to stick to the 5-7-5 (syllables) that we all learned in elementary school. If you can fit in a nature reference and/or caesura, go for it, but don't feel obligated.

As always, stick to your bookshelf and leave a link to your poem in the Mister Linky box at the bottom of the post.

the experiment:
dare to repair a wrinkle ...
in time, good to great

The Books:

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Book and Booze Reviews: Louis Roederer Brut Premier

{ Image source: Champmarket.com via Pinterest }
I can't lie, I have no idea how to review champagne.

I can do wine, I can tell you how to make your own coffee liqueur, I can even talk vodkas, but champers? I'm clued out.

I can tell you, however, that this champagne is delish. I received a bottle as one of the three (six?) birthday presents from my parents, and we decided to have some on Memorial Day as a pre-dinner cocktail. And by "some," I mean that we drank the whole bottle.

How could we not? Being Memorial Day, it was warm and humid, and we needed something refreshing to cool us down. This hit the spot--the bubbly was dry and crisp, with hints of apple. (And maybe pear?) I suppose that the producer of Cristal won't get it wrong.

The Brut Premier is a multi-vintage champagne upon which Louis Roederer built his empire. It's the flagship wine for the company and remains their best-selling and most popular product. It's in Wine Spectator's Top 100 wines for 2009 and earned 91 points from Wine Enthusiast. As for me?

I give it: 5 out of 5 bottles (i.e. go buy it with a quickness)

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