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Rhymes With Tao was Aloha Kitchen until the beginning of 2012. I changed the name one day after getting the millionth Google Alert for a restaurant in Las Vegas. When RTW was Aloha Kitchen, it was a personal blog. Rhymes With Tao was too, but over the first six months of its existence, things started to change. RWT is now dedicated to writing and lifestyle, specifically, the writing life and style of Lynn Daue.

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About the Author

For six years, I served in the U.S. Air Force and USAF Reserves. During my time in the service, I penned operations plans, analytical articles, and training guides.

In 2012, I transitioned to freelance journalism. My first article appeared in the April 2012 issue of Baltimore's Child, a regional parenting magazine. You can read it here. A full list of my work can be found at www.LynnDaue.com/articles.html.

I'm also an aspiring novelist. I've written and trashed a total of five novels over the last decade and started another dozen. One of these days, I'll finish writing and editing something that actually makes it out the door.

I am a former gymnast, a trained oboist, and a card-carrying Hawaiian. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics from the University of Notre Dame and have lived in Germany, Russia, and the United Kingdom. I currently live in Maryland with my husband and our three daughters.

I am a former member of the St. Louis Writers Guild (2008-2010) and a member of the Maryland Writers Association (2012-present).


  1. Lynn Daue, you are a very, very interesting person. Great bio and great blog. Finally getting around to appreciate it!


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