First Six Months' Statistics
  • 2,442 page views (avg. 407 views/month)
  • 459 visitors with 1,011 visits
  • 30 subscribers via RSS or email
For a list of Awards and Press, please see "Awards and Press."

To advertise at Rhymes With Tao, please send an email to lkdaue [at] gmail [dot] com with "ADVERTISING REQUEST" in the subject line. A follow-up email with instructions will follow within 24-48 hours.

Current Advertising Rates
  • 100px by 100px button ad in the right sidebar - $10/month
  • Two-line custom text ad in the right sidebar - $5/month
Prices will vary with regards to viewership as reviewed on a semi-annual basis (January and July).

Thank you for supporting Rhymes With Tao!

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